Cove Hill is focused on partnering with high quality businesses looking to accelerate growth, maximize performance, and realize their long-term objectives.


We believe the Firm’s core values and innovative investment structure are foundational to our collective long-term success.

Firm Values

Long-Term, Patient Capital

We partner with management to build companies for the long run

  • With substantial capital commitments from the Cove Hill founders, we are one of the largest investors in our funds

  • Cove Hill investors allow us the flexibility to hold an investment for the long-term, if it is right for the company and management

  • We would rather reinvest in our companies and continually support their growth plan vs. redeploying in new investments

Concentrated Portfolio

Every company matters

  • We are not in the deal-making business; we aim to focus on only 1-2 investments per year

  • Our team is dedicated exclusively to two industries, Technology and Consumer, where we have deep experience and networks

Value-Add Partner

We work to earn the right to be our management partners’ first call

  • We are “invited guests” in our companies

  • We must earn management’s trust and confidence through our integrity and by demonstrating that we have the resources and expertise to contribute to the execution of their vision

  • We have decades of experience working with strong management teams providing strategic and operational support

  • We have long histories with a strong network of talented executives, including those who have joined our Executive Advisory Board

Investment Focus

We are building a concentrated portfolio of high quality companies in the consumer and technology industries.

Company Characteristics

  • Strong alignment with management teams
  • High barriers to entry
  • Durable and strong competitive positions
  • Products and services highly valued by customers
  • Limited threats and/or meaningful opportunities from changes in technology and market dynamics
  • Attractive economic models
  • Multiple levers for creating operating and strategic value

Deal Characteristics

  • Consumer or technology companies
  • Control or influential minority ownership